June 2016

Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy: a new tool for real time melt cognition

S. Hudson, J. Craparo, R.De Saro, D.Apelian


Process parameter influence on selected quality features in high-pressure die casting

F. Schmidt, M. Müller, U. Vroomen, A. Bührig-Polaczek


High temperature behaviour of 46000, 46100, 47100 Al die cast parts

E. Gariboldi, J. Nicolas Lemke, O. Ozhoga-Maslovskaja, G. Timelli, F. Bonollo


A new secondary AlSi10MnMg (Fe) Alloy suitable for manufacturing of ductile Aluminium parts by vacuum assisted high pressure die casting technology
A. Niklas, A.I. Fernández-Calvo, A. Bakedano, S. Orden, M. da Silva, E. Nogués, E. Roset


HPDC foundry competitiveness based on smart Control and Cognitive system in Al-alloy products

N. Gramegna, F. Bonollo


Casting of product of Al-25%Si with thin fins

T. Haga, H. Fuse


Effect of cooling rate and eutectic modification on texture and grain structure of Al-Si-Cu-Mg die cast alloy

M. Zamani, S. Seifeddine, E. Ghassemali


Effect of Ni additions on A356 alloy’s microstructure and high-temperature mechanical properties

D. Casari, F. Poli, M. Merlin, M.T. Di Giovanni, Y. Li, M. Di Sabatino


Tracking of collapsed bubbles during a filling simulation

R. Pirovano, S. Mascetti


Numerical and experimental analysis of a high pressure die casting Aluminum suspension cross beam for light commercial vehicles

S. Cecchel, D. Ferrario



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