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AIM, founded in January 1946, is a non-profit cultural body organisation aimed at spreading the diffusion of the science and technology of metallic materials and other materials for engineering. The evolution of traditional materials, the development of advanced materials, production techniques and technologies require constant and valid updating training by those who study and work with materials.

The purpose of the association is to encourage, through its activities, the exchange of ideas and experiences among all those who are interested in the development and deepening of knowledge in the field of metallic materials with particular regard to the promotion of meetings and exchanges between producers, users and researchers.

AIM collects and develops the legacy of a previous association, aimed at Metallurgy, but with the center of gravity shifted towards legislative and economic interests: Association of Italian Metallurgical Industrialists. Its statute, approved on November 5, 1900, states: "The Association has the purpose of studying, sponsoring and promoting anything that may be of interest and usefulness for the industry and trade of minerals, iron, steel and other metals." In 1929, it became the National Fascist Federation of Metallurgical Industrialists and began to deal with more technical problems, with the establishment of a Technological Section. The need for the free participation of technicians, with the exchange of experiences and information, is increasingly strong, so much so that in 1941 the Federation gives gave life to the National Association of Metallurgical Technicians, which organizes organized a first Conference in Florence in 1943, with the presentation of 19 memoirs papers. After the war, a group of technicians from the Breda Institute, including Reggiori and Matteoli, decided to give birth again to the Association, with the immediate adhesion of illustrious exponents of the Milan Polytechnic: Zoja, Hugony and Roberto Rocca. From a first meeting in Corso Venezia in Milan on July 10, 1945, we arrive arrived at the constitution of the Association, as we know it today, on January 18, 1946.

The activity was and still is aimed at disseminating the science and technology of metallic materials for the benefit of the members and, more generally, of all Italian metallurgists.

For this purpose, alongside more visible events such as National and International Conferences and editorial productions, AIM organizes Study Days Workshops, Seminars, Courses and Technical Visits, based on the activities of its 18 Study Centres Groups, which have the task of defining the technical contents (subjects, speakers, timing, etc.) to respond promptly to the specific needs of the industrial sector to which the event is aimed.

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