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Awards and medals

In order to pursue its statutory scope to promote the progress of metallurgical science and realted techniques, Aim acknowledges outstanding achievements in metal science and technology through the awarding of medals, prizes and scholarships. Three medals were estabilished in the first decade in order to reward meritourious people in the field of metallurgy.

In 1950 on initiative of the FIAT the “Luigi Losana” gold metal was created, to remember the scientist, educator and engineer who was director of fiat's researches and control automotive and aeronautic laboratory. The medal is awzrded as an aknowledgement to an italian or foreign researcher, who significantly contributes to metals science.

In 1953, on initiative of the Montecatini, the“Guido Donegani” metal for light metals science, was instituted in order to honour the memory of a man who had faith in scientific research and favoured its development.

In 1958 Aim instituted the “Federico Giolitti” steel medal, in order to honour the memory of a metallurgist with a world wide reputation, and first ordinary of metallurgy and metallography at the Polytechnic of Turin. The medal is still awarded to a steel-making researcher, italian or foreign, who achieved outstanding merits in the studies or production in the field of steel making.

On the occasion of AIM's fiftieth annyversary the "Copper medal" was also instituted and it is given every two years to a person who contributed to the development of the sector.

In addition, in 1990, the AIM gold medal was instituted
 to be awarded as a special sign of recognition and appreciation for the undertakings in favour of the association.

In 2002,upon proposal of the presidents of Aims group the "Titanium medal" was instituted, in order to recognize an eminent technologist or scholar with particular merits in the field of application of metallic materials. Othe aknowledegments have been awardee during the AIM's history as the "Mario Olivo", the "Eugenio Lubatti"  and the "Mario Balbi" prizes and various scholaships to reward thesis, and technical research works.

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