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Marzo 2024
March 2024

Numero dedicato a Forno Elettrico / Electric Arc Furnace

Memorie scientifiche / Scientific papers  

EIT Raw Materials RIS-DUSTREC: investigation and selection of furnace dust samples for valuable metals recovery   
D. Mombelli, C. Mapelli, G. Dall’Osto, G. Tavčar, R. Kocjančič, D. Radulović, I.Ristović, M. Ciszewski, J. Kastivnik, A. Mladenovič, A. Mauko Pranjić, M.Košir  

Esplorare l'uso di fonti alternative e non fossili di carbonio nelle acciaierie elettriche attraverso un modello flowsheet dedicato
Matino, V. Colla, O. Toscanelli, A. Soto  

Research and practice on improving the oxygen content of welding steel wire rod ER70S-6
T. Chen, M. Yi, Y. Liu, X. Zhang, H. Luo  

Attualità industriale / Industry news

Application of different tools to improve process control in the electric arf furnace
edited by: J. Gaspari, L. Waridel, S. Goya, S. Ferro, C. Cicutti  

Energy-efficient and hydrogen-ready technologies for EAF steelmaking
edited by: J. von Schéele, H. Alshawarghi, P. Kwaschny, H. Groiss, J. van Lingen, D. Razzari  

SwingDoorTM - immediate mean to reduce CO2 emissions in EAF operation and future improvement by hydrogen burners
edited by: M. Leber, C. Buchmaier, C. Redl, A. Valoppi  

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