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Aprile 2022
April 2022

Memorie Scientifiche / Scientific papers

Technology and controls improvements on the continuous casting of Acciaierie di Calvisano for improvements on solidification process and new steel grades
L. Angelini, P. Frittella, G. Tsymokh, C. Di Cecca, B. Cinquegrana, A. Milan, F.Fredi, M. Bersani, C. Senes, F. Guerra, G. Miglietta, S. Conte, V. Duro, A. Zurru, R. Muhlemann, C. Mapelli, S. Barella, L. Calligarich, G. Galeazzi, S. Maurina, S. De Monte, C. Persi, S. Spagnul, M. Saba, G. Flor, B. Palm  

Effects of cooling methods and cooling conditions on behavior of thermal distortion and stress generation of steel blooms cast continuously on reverse transformation treatment
K. Isobe  

Quantification of critical parameters for prediction of surface crack formation in continuous casting
R. Krobath, C. Bernhard  

Reduction of transverse corner cracks in Tata Steel’s Direct Sheet Plant in Ijmuiden
R. Kalter, J.A. Kromhout, M.B. Santillana, A.J.C. Burghardt, J. Link, C. Toeniges, E. Gillebaart, L. Koomen, G.J.C.H. Goessens, J. van ‘t Hul, S. Meijer  

Investigations on primary cooling in CC mould through the use of modelling approach
J-F. Domgin, S. Gauthier  

Utilizzo di un sistema di ispezione ottica automatica atto al rilevamento dei difetti di colata continua basato su algoritmi di Machine Learning per l’analisi dell’incidenza delle marche di oscillazione su bramme di acciaio inossidabile austenitico AISI 316L e 316LI
F. Ciuffini, F. Di Giovanni, D. Mombelli  

Attualità industriale / Industry news

The intelligent ultra-wide caster for high-quality slabs at Rizhao Shandong
edited by: L. Fischer, Q. Zheng, D. Zhao, J. Yuan, P. Heidemann, I. Olgemöller, J. Wans, R. Wilmes  

Powder dosing with mould temperature feedback control in continuous casting of stainless steel for high quality billet surfaces
edited by: C. Scarabelli, D. Olivero, F. Bego  

Automated mold flux feeders for Industry 4.0 application
edited by: M. Zinni  

Dynamic SuperHeat determination in a continuous casting machine – process, practice and benefits

edited by: P. Hughes-Narborough, P. White, G. Humphrey 

The mold temperature mapping with Ultrasonic Contactless Technology is the key for the real time initial solidification process control tools
edited by: I.Mazza, S. Miani, G. Schiavon, S. Spagnul 

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