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Settembre 2022
September 2022

Numero dedicato a Corrosione / Corrosion

Memorie Scientifiche / Scientific papers  

Tailoring superhydrophobic surfaces on AA6082 aluminum alloy by etching in HF/HCl solution for enhanced corrosion protection
A.Khaskhoussi, L. Calabrese, E. Proverbio

Microstructural and electrochemical characterization of dissimilar joints of aluminum alloy AW5083 and carbon steel S355 obtained by friction welding
A.Khaskhoussi, G. Di Bella, C. Borsellino, L. Calabrese, E. Proverbio  

Effect of macro and microstructural features on the corrosion behavior of additively manufactured Alloy 625
F. Carugo, M. Cabrini, A. Carrozza, S. Lorenzi, T. Pastore, G. Barbieri, F. Cognini, M. Moncada 

Attualità industriale / Industry news  

Effect of multi-pass cold rolling on the corrosion properties of 2101 duplex stainless steel
L. Pezzato, C. Gennari, A.G. Settimi, I. Calliari, A. Kemény, I. Mészáros  

Field experience - Localized corrosion behavior of lean duplex stainless steel DX2202 in urban wastewater treatment plants
A. Allion, C. David, B. Emo, N. Larché  

Stato dell'arte sulle tecniche industriali per il recupero dei fanghi di decapaggio nel processo degli acciai inossidabili
C. Tirasso, C. Rocchi, K. Brunelli  

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