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Gennaio 2022
January 2022

Numero dedicato a Colata continua / Continuous casting  
Memorie scientifiche /
 Scientific papers

Higher than one. Triggering crystallization in mold flux slag
R. Carli, M. Alloni, G. Martino, O. Wunderlich  

Significance of an inclined plane test for mould slag assessment
Marschall, H. Harmuth, V. Kircher  

Neuromelt model for estimating mold flux melting behaviour
M. Vargas Hernandez, C. Mapelli, J. Cho, N. Kölbl, I. Marschall, M. Alloni, R. Carli     

Correlation between lab-scale wedge mould castings and slab samples, a method for new alloy development
B. Santillana, K. Hechu, A. SenGupta, M. Auinger

Investigation of pressure distribution during flow regulation with a stopper and associated mould level stability in a continuous casting simulator based on liquid metal
J. Eck, Ramirez, Cervantes

A comprehensive slice model for continuous casting of steelB. Sarler, B. Mavrič, T. Dobravec, R. Vertnik    

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