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September 2017



Hot deformation and restoration mechanisms in duplex stainless steels: effect of strain rate

N. Haghdadi, P. Cizek, H. Beladi, P. D. Hodgson


Effect of severe plastic deformation on microstructure and properties of duplex stainless steel

C. Gennari, L. Pezzato, N. Llorca-Isern, I. Lopez, J. M. Cabrera, M. Chang, A. Roca, I. Calliari


Residual Stress in the Duplex Stainless Steel Sandvik SAF 2205 after Annealing and Tumbling

C.-O. A. Olsson





Welding guidelines for duplex, super duplex and hyper duplex stainless steels

a cura di: Mette Frodigh, Per-Åke Björnstedt


Recent findings on pitting and crevice corrosion: comparing SAF 2707 HD™         a cura di: Alessandra Spaghetti, Johan Höwing


Chromium nitrides effects on low temperature impact toughness and durability of duplex stainless steels forgings

a cura di: Giordano Camicia, Matteo Longin, Paolo Ferro, Franco Bonollo


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