March 2016



Stabilization of vegetable oil-based quenchants to thermal-oxidative degradation: experimental strategy and effect of oxidation on quenching performance                                                           
E.C.A. Simêncio, R.L. S. Otero, L.C.F. Canale, G.E. Totten


Process windows for shell hardening of unalloyed steel cylinders due to high speed quenching
Th. Lübben, F. Frerichs

Improvements on induction fixture hardening
W. Goy, J. Kern

Process technology and plant design for bainite hardening
H. Altena, K. Buchner

Laser surface texturing of PVD coatings applied to sheet forming dies for stainless steel
M. Calandri, D. Ugues, M. Lorusso, A.G. Demir, N.F. Lecis, B. Previtali

Characterization of corrosion resistance of chromium-free coatings for aeronautical application

L. Belsanti, E. Forchin, R. Stifanese, M. Toselli, P. Traverso

Simulation and meta-modeling of electron beam welding using genetic algorithms
K. Mohanty, G. G. Roy, N. Chakraborti

A combined experimental and numerical approach to a discrete description of indirect reduction of iron oxide
B. Peters, F. Hoffmann, D. Senk, A. Babich, L. Hausemer, J.-P. Simoes

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