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november/december 2020

Relevant properties of a (liquid) powder for continuous casting of steel
R. Carli, M. Alloni, S. Casagrande

Alleviation of internal cracks in continuous casting bloom of steel 100Cr6 induced by soft reduction process
N. Zong, S. Ma, W. Sun, T. Jing, Z. Lu

The Effect of Minor Element Addition on Thin Walled Brass Casting
N. Tamsü Selli, C. Imer Ozgu

Study on duplex process with a single converter
A. Zhao, L. Zhang, Y. Fu, H. Long, N. Ali, Z. Zhou, Z.n Nie, C. Zhang

Attualità industriale / Industry news

La corrosione microbiologica negli acciai inossidabili: una mini-review
a cura di: D. Lega , M. Romitelli

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