June 2018

Defects, their source and detection in wire drawn products
C. Mapelli, S. Barella, A. Gruttadauria, D. Mombelli, A. F. Ciuffini, M. Cusolito

Development of new tests to assess sulfide stress corrosion cracking of line pipes
M. Cabrini, S. Lorenzi, T. Pastore, D. Pesenti Bucella, G. Pellegrini, A. Paggi, E. Paravicini Bagliani, P. Darcis

Muffle tubes: choose the right material for longer service life

A. Spaghetti

Surpassing steel performance by creating a very fine grained microstructure
M.I. Lembke, L. Oberli, G. Olschewski, R. Dotti

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