March 2014


  • Identification of Phases Formed by Cu and Ni in Al−Si Piston Alloys
    S. Manasijević, N. Dolić, K. Raić, R. Radiša
  • Sviluppo di trattamenti termici per componenti automotive colati in lega di alluminio secondario allo stato semi-solido
    S. Capuzzi
  • Nidec ASI automation system for a continuous tandem mill coupled with pickling line
    R. Gatti, S. Murgia
  • Suitability study of endless strip production technology for fabrication of API grades
    A. Smith, M. Lubrano, A. Di Schino, A. Guindani
  • Strip tracking measurement and control in hot strip rolling
    C. Hol, L. Kampmeijer, J. de Roo, E. Spelbos
  • Deformation behaviour and microstructure development of twin roll cast AZ31 strips
    M. Ullmann, R. Kawalla, H.-P. Vogt


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