June 2007

  • Active contour segmentation for the identification of metallographic and morphological elements of interest in ductile cast iron
    F. Iacoviello, A. De Santis, D.Iacoviello, O. Di Bartolomeo 
  • Modelling of solidification of AISI 304  
    D. Baldissin, M. Palumbo, L. Battezzati  
  • Silafont-36, the low iron ductile die casting alloy. Development and applications
    F. Casarotto, A. Zovi  
  • Proposal of a classification of defects of high-pressure diecast products
    E. Gariboldi, F. Bonollo, M. Rosso  
  • Low dross generation with oxy-fuel systems
    A. D’Ettorre, R. Giudici, A Tasca, J. Visus, B. G. Benavides, W. T. Kobayashi
  • The influence of thermal bridges on refractory lining
    G. Forni, P. Recalcati, M. Nestani  
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