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HSS-23 International workshop on HIGH STRENGTH STEELS

Bergamo - 26-27 October 2023

Increasing demand from the structural, energy, vehicles applications as well as oil & gas sector has boosted the rapid growth of the market for High Strength Steels. Steel manufacturers are constantly seeking the possibility of increasing strength, maintaining good toughness and weldability. Such a goal can be achieved by several routes: micro-alloying, advanced thermal treatment (i.e. intercritical quenching, bainitic quenching, quench and partitioning procedure etc.), high alligation by Mn and Al, thermo-mechanical processing. The scope of the workshop is to bring together the international community to highlight state-of-the-art research and development of such steel grades.

Main Topics
Both fundamental and applied aspects will be covered concerning:
- Alloying design
- HSLA steels
- thermo-mechanical processing
- advanced heat treatment

The workshop will be performed through presentations both invited and selected on the basis of the submitted abstracts.
The event will be a suitable meeting place for those involved in research, development and applications of HSS, interested to share recent advances on metallurgical design, set-up of production routes, paying attention to surface and inner quality, properties of HSS products. 
The deadline for abstract submission is June 30 in order to fulfil the selection for the final program. 

Workshop Chairperson
Ettore Anelli – Franchini Acciai
Ilchat Sabirov – IMDEA Materials Institute 

Organising Committee (to be completed)
Silvia Barella – Politecnico di Milano
Federica Bassani – Associazione Italiana di Metallurgia
Manuele Dabalà – Università degli Studi di Padova
Andrea Di Schino - Università di Perugia 
Carlos Garcia-Mateo - CENIM-CSIC
Carlo Mapelli – Politecnico di Milano
Roumen Petrov – University of Ghent  
Marina Polyakova - Nosov Magnitogorsk University
Dirk Ponge – Max Planck Institute  

Call for presentations
Prospective speakers wishing to present are invited to submit a tentative title and an abstract of about 400 words (in English) to the Organising Secretariat (met@aimnet.it).
The abstract should provide sufficient information for a fair assessment.
To submit the abstract, fill in the online form at this page.
Submission of abstracts 30 June 2023
Information on Acceptance 31 July 2023
Opening online registration 31 July 2023
Submission of pdf presentations 15 September 2023
Submission of papers (not mandatory) after the Workshop

All participants will receive the pdf presentations at the workshop. 
Authors interested in writing full papers for publication on “La Metallurgia Italiana - International Journal of the Italian Association for Metallurgy” - the scientific journal of AIM, which is covered in the Science Citation indexed by Clarivate Analytics (formerly Thomson Reuters), and in Scopus by Elsevier B.V - are invited to inform the Editorial Secretariat (met@aimnet.it) while submitting their abstract.

The Conference language will be English. 

The Conference will be held in Bergamo, at Kilometro Rosso.

Organising Secretariat
Via Filippo Turati 8 - I - 20121 Milano, Italy
Tel. +39 02 76021132 • +39 02 76397770
E-mail:met@aimnet.it • http://www.aimnet.it 

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