AIM is glad to announce the 9th European Coke and Ironmaking Congress (ECIC) to be held in Bardolino, Italy, on 16-18 October 2024.

ECIC 2024 will focus on the newest technologies in coke making, sintering, pelletizing, pyrolizing the biomasses and ironmaking (blast furnaces, direct reduction and carbon-based smelting processes).

The 2050 goal of carbon neutrality and the related intensive efforts of the steel industry will significantly affect the technologies for iron ore reduction. In this perspective, the shortage of iron ores matching the requirement for direct reduction by gas and for melting in electric arc furnace makes important proposal of new technologies and devices that can ensure the carbon neutrality even for the coal based routes.

This Congress will focus on technologies that can achieve such a goal improving the efficiency of the existing process, applying the devices that avoid a net emission of green house gases and to point out new routes based on exploitation of biomasses whose net emission is intrinsically neutral.

Congress chairmen

Prof. Carlo Mapelli – Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Prof. Johannes Schenk – Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria

Scientific and Steering Committee

Christian Boehm – Primetals Technologies Austria GmbH, Austria
Martin Gantenberg – Paul Wurth S.A., Luxembourg
Peter Liszio – thyssenkrupp Steel AG, Germany
Hans Bodo Lüngen – Lüngen Consulting, Germany
Luca Orefici – Pipex Energy, Italy
Franz Reufer – Paul Wurth Deutschland GmbH, Germany
Lena Sundqvist – Swerim AB, Sweden
Jan van der Stel – Tata Stel Nederland Research & development, The Netherlands
Reinoud van Laar – Danieli Corus, The Netherlands
Olena Volkova – Institute for Iron and Steel Technology, TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany


The Coke and Ironmaking events started separately as the European Ironmaking Congress (EIC) in 1986 in Aachen, Germany, and in 1991 in Glasgow, Scotland, and as the International Cokemaking Congress (ICMC) in 1987 in Essen, Germany, and in 1992 in London, England.

The merger of these two events took place in 1996 as the European Coke and Ironmaking Congress (ECIC) in Gent, Belgium.

1st EIC – Aachen, 1986
1st ICMC – Essen, 1987
2nd EIC – Glasgow ,1991
2nd ICMC – London, 1992
3rd ECIC – Gent, 1996
4th ECIC – Paris, 2000
5th ECIC – Stockholm, 2005
6th ECIC – Düsseldorf, 2011
7th ECIC – Linz, 2016
8th ECIC – Bremen, 2022

Compliance rules

AIM and all cooperating organizations are committed to adhering strictly to all applicable antitrust laws. Within the context of 9th ECIC it is strictly prohibited to discuss competitively sensitive subjects such as price-fixing agreements or agreements on quantities.

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