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IWSQ-2 - 2nd International Workshop Surface quality of continuously cast products

Bergamo -

2nd International Workshop
Surface quality of continuously cast products
Bergamo – Italy, 1-2 December 2022
Early bird registration fees by November 14, 2022
Six years after the successful first conference on the topic, AIM, in cooperation with its sister society ASMET, organises once again a two-day event focused on the Surface Quality of continuously cast products.
The surface quality of ingots, billets, blooms and slabs is a particularly important issue in order to insure the required surface quality of final rolled and forged products. This aspect is becoming increasingly significant especially nowadays, when a lot of steelmakers are refocusing their activity on the search for better surface quality or new specialty steels requiring high quality surface features. All this lays on a table of new challenges faced by steelmaking industries, when energy efficiency and consequently lower environmental impact are concerned.
This international meeting aims at sharing the knowledge about the improvement of the surface quality of the continuously cast products and this scope will be achieved by clear expositions about:
recent advances on the defect analysis;
the root cause of the defects;
innovative lubricating products;
operations and maintenance;
application of electromagnetic devices;
AI applications, simulation and computing methods.

Lubrication technology in continuous casting
Mold fluxes
Defect sources
Defect analysis
Primary Cooling
Secondary Cooling
Mould design
Electromagnetic equipment
Corrective action for the surface improvement
Billet and bloom casting
Slab Casting
Thin slab casting

The workshop will be performed through invited presentation and on the basis of the selection of the abstracts sent by authors interested in sharing their updated knowledge in order to increase the surface quality of the continuous cast semis. 

Workshop Chairmen
Dr. PhD. Riccardo Carli - Prosimet, Italy and Prof. Christian Bernhard - University of Leoben

For all information, please visit the workshop website: www.aimnet.it/iwsq-2.htm  

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