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ESSC & DUPLEX Conference

Stainless steels, Duplex & Maraging. Precipitaton Hardenable Stainless Steels

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The Conference will focus on all the aspects of development, production technology (hot and cold rolling, heat treatment, etc.), welding, corrosion and applications of stainless steels and duplex stainless steels and it addresses delegates with both academic and industrial backgrounds.

The results shall contribute to the advancement of existing and potential applications and will help to guide future development.

The event will bring together developers, designers, manufacturers and users of stainless steel from industry and academia and will compare the present and future needs to satisfy these demands now or in the future.

Short and medium term perspectives of European stainless steel flat, long products, forgings and castings will be widely discussed during the Stainless Steel Market Outlook session.

It is expected the presence of speakers representing the most important European stainless steel associations and reports coming from the big stainless steel companies.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Italy!



The Conference will be enhanced by an Exhibition at which companies will have the opportunity to inform all delegates of their latest developments. The Exhibition area will be a focal point of the Conference.

Companies will be able to reinforce their participation and enhance their corporate identification by taking advantage of benefits offered to them as Contributing Sponsors of the Conference.

The detailed sponsorship packages are available on the Conference website: http://www.aimnet.it/essc.htm 

Companies interested in taking part in the Exhibition or sponsoring the event may contact:  SIDERWEB  

e-mail: commerciale@siderweb.com; tel. +39 030 2540006




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AIM Editorial & Social Media Secretariat

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Siderweb Sales Manager

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