The cold drawing of the metal alloys is a fundamental step for the production of high quality products featured by good surface and reliable performances.

The thermo-mechanical cycle involving the cold drawing aims at obtaining smooth surfaces, hardened alloys, good machinability, strict control of the geometric tolerances and of the microstructural features (i.e. grain size).

This international meeting aims at sharing the knowledge about the manufacturing processes of drawn products, design, optimization and control of these processes and issues related to the management and logistics in the metal industry.

This scope will be achieved by clear expositions about:
the state of the art on manufacturing of drawn products;
metallurgy and microstructural transformation of the metal alloys (i.e. carbon steel, stainless steels, Ni-superalloys, Ti-alloys etc.).
correct design of the annealing processes;
new in-line and offline control techniques for the quality assurance;
equipment and new devices for the drawing plants;
reference to applicable standards.


Bar and wire manufacturing and fiishing machinery
Pipe & tube manufacturing
Tube bending & forming technology
Process technology
Auxiliary process technology materials and tools
Equipments & machinery
Heat treatments
Measuring and control technology
Test engineering
Market issues
The workshop will be performed through invited presentation and on the basis of the selection of the abstracts sent by authors and companies interested in sharing their updated knowledge in the fild of wire, bar and tube drawing.


The deadline for the abstract undergoing the selection is on June 30, 2017, in order to fulfil the final program.


The Conference language will be English.