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The long-standing co-operation between AIM - Associazione Italiana di Metallurgia - and the IFHTSE - International Federation for Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering - has already led to the joint organisation of significant events, such as the Congresses held in Florence in 1982 and in 1998 and the Congress on automotive applications organised in Riva del Garda in 2005.
Now, our combinea efforts resources will be focused on the organisation of a Conference that will deal with tradition and innovation in heat treatment and surface engineering. The Conference will join the European Conference on Heat Treatment 2015 and the 22nd IFHTSE Congress.
The Conference will bring together managers, engineers and researchers from heat treatment shops, tool makers and users, suppliers of heat treatment and surface engineering plant and equipment, as well as material scientists.
This meeting is aimed at creating an opportunity for a technical exchange at an international level among the numerous experts involved in the heat treatment and surface engineering route.

conference programme
The Conference Programme is now available and it can be downloaded at this link

social event
In order to give delegates the opportunity to meet informally and enjoy Venice’s atmosphere, AIM organized a Social Event in the evening of May 21, 2015. The Social Event will consist of a boat excursion to Venice Island with a refreshment served at Cafè Florian in Saint Mark’s Square (piazza San Marco), offering a suggestive Venetian environment to the conference participants.

The Social Event is sponsored by