Covid Safety Plan

All participants must have and exhibit a valid EU Digital COVID Certificate (Green Pass) (>> LINK) in order to access the Conference venue.
For complete and updated information, we advise to contact the Italian consulate / embassy in your country.
It will be possible to carry out a rapid antigen test in the pharmacies near the conference center:

– Farmacia Cavallo, Viale Papa Pio XII, 48/B, 70124 Bari BA
– Farmacia De Cristo, Viale John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 75, 70124 Bari BA
– Farmacia Poggiofranco, Via Robert Kennedy, 1, 70124 Bari BA

– The body temperature of the participants will be detected by a thermoscanner placed at the entrances of the meeting rooms. Access will not be allowed if the detected temperature is equal to or higher than 37.5 °.

– The control of the green pass will take place before accessing the conference area. A register fo the attendees will be kept for the 14 days following the date of the conference in compliance with the privacy legislation, in order to possibly be available to the competent health authority.
– All participants and assistance staff must wear masks at all times for the duration of the activities, and carry out frequent hand sanitation. Only while consuming drinks and food during coffee and luch breaks, they will be allowed to lower the masks. In particular, at lunches, attendees will be allowed to lower their mask only while sitting and consuming food at their table

– The meeting spaces are always adequate for the number of participants, in order to guarantee the minimum interpersonal distance of 1 meter between users. The positions of the speakers and the podium are sufficiently spaced from each other and from the audience, to allow the interventions of the speakers without the use of the mask. If possible, separate routes for entry and exit should be arranged.

– Adequate information on prevention measures is provided, with the aid of appropriate signs and posters.
– Hand hygiene products are available for users at the entrance of the rooms and in the common areas of the hotel.
– The devices and equipment available to speakers, moderators and users are disinfected before use, and subsequently protected with food-grade film, which will be replaced whenever possible or alternatively sanitized with special wipes after each intervention.

– In the poster and exhibition areas all the health and hygiene regulations already mentioned, such as interpersonal distancing will be applied in order to avoid gatherings.

– The hotel staff guarantees regular cleaning and ventilation of the rooms at the end of each activity.

Full Covid19 Safety Plan of the Congress venue, The Nicolaus Hotel can be downloaded >> HERE